PIRGROUP has been focused on sustainability for many years now.

  • PIRGROUP`s first hybrid car was purchased already in 2016 - as part of our commitment to reduce CO2 emissions. Moreover, In The Netherlands we offer service delivery by bike when weather allows, and client is willing to do so! And last but not least on the transport, we have a working-from-home flexible policy (1-2 days a week in the office): less transport, less pollution.
  • Welcome packages have been developing along with our sustainability policy, containing items such as but not limited to the Bamboo (already introduced in 2019 at EuRA), plantable pencils, bamboo chargers, recyclable bags, etc.
  • Further, PIRGROUP is always buying locally to stimulate the local economy: presents for employees and clients and to complete the Welcome packages for the expats. For example, for Christmas, we aim to always combine a local meaningful present (such as a Xmas tree with lights that will be re-planted) with a charity cause (charity causes every year are choice of the employees).
  • Also, during the service delivery we create awareness and promote sustainable energy providers & sustainable homes.
  • As for education, the team is following the Sustainability Training Programme by EuRA (European Association of Relocation Professionals).
  • Last but not least, PIRGROUP is part of the AlliantieKlimaatactie program. In 4 years time, our company will contribute to the reduction of at least 40% of our CO2 emissions!