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Global Mobility Consultation and HR Activities

What can Human Resources expect of PIRGROUP:

  1. We make sure you are compliant.
  2. We monitor and manage your budget.
  3. We are experts in our field, completely available to you.
  4. We make sure the privacy of your international professionals secure.
  5. We can review your expat policy or offer a second opinion.
  6. We can be your back office support
  7. We have experience with benchmarking.
  8. We take ownership of your problems.
  9. When PIRGROUP is involved your job becomes 9-6 instead of 24/7..
  10. We can streamline the process.
  11. We are focused and committed.
  12. We are fluent with the industry customs and norms.
  13. We are an excellent return on your investment.

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