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The main differentiators of PIRGROUP are size, experience (both with direct clients and RMCs), focus (on our own markets), happy clients and values.

The advantage of PIRGROUP`s size and way of working over the biggest players in the mobility world is that PIRGROUP is lean and responsive, able to adjust our services and actions in real time if need be.

PIRGROUP is well known for its creative solutions which are developed together and specifically for the needs of our clients.

Further, the advantage of PIRGROUP`s size over the small players in our industry is that we have already in place all required processes to avoid inefficiencies. We are used to high standards of quality and reporting requirements.

The experience of PIRGROUP growing and expanding together with its clients in terms of volumes, as well as new destinations, has helped us to develop the required skills to be agile when a client extends its activities to a new country. Further, we have the unique set of competences to provide tailor-made services fast and accurate. We have more than 20 years’ experience creating sustainable, cost efficient relocation experiences.

Due to the dynamic relationships with several Direct Clients, we are up-to-date on today`s HR challenges which allow us to think and help find solutions for our customers. We are pleased to say that our contributions have let to long- standing relationships and improved HR practices in many companies.

PIRGROUP is a company that is flexible both in its every day`s assistance for assignees as well as for its corporate clients and RMCs. We have a proven record of meetings the requirements of direct clients and RMCs to act quick and make sure that the immigration and relocation requirements are met while meetings the time schedules and professionals’ duties of the relocating assignees.

PIRGROUP has no aggressive sales reputation (no sales team or big marketing campaigns)- most of our direct clients have become our clients through word of mouth which is the biggest sign of appreciation for our work.

Last but not least, PIRGROUP knows what it values. Our good reputation is everything to us. We recognize the importance of ethical behaviour. As leaders we exhibit both our values and our ethics in our leadership style and actions. We live them in our professional and private lives every day. We are a team of listeners, innovators and most of all doers.

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