Embark on a journey to explore the beautiful Lithuania. Unlock a world of immigration possibilities for Lithuania with expert guidance from PIRGROUP and let us guide you through every step of your relocation to Lithuania adventure, making the process enjoyable and smooth.


In Lithuania we provide a diverse and comprehensive array of services tailored to meet and exceed your unique needs:

For non-EU citizens

Short-term visa
  • For the wanderers and business minds venturing to Lithuania, our short-term visa solutions are the perfect gateway, ensuring a seamless entry for third-country nationals visiting Lithuania for either tourism or business purposes.
Lithuania work visa
  • For anyone going to Lithuania on business or to work for no longer than a year, the Lithuania work visa is the perfect option. The Lithuania work visa might also be the best fit for relocating valued employees.
Temporary residence permit (Lithuania work permit)
  • The Lithuania work visa is not the only option for working in the country. The temporary residence permit for work enables obtaining the Lithuania work permit. This, the Lithuania work permit, is tailored to those planning to contribute their skills and talents over an extended period, and facilitates a seamless professional transition.
Permanent residence permit
  • If you have lived in the country for five years on a Lithuania work permit, you can obtain a permanent residence permit. Permanent residence permit holders automatically obtain a Lithuania work permit, which allows working without any limitations.
Employer or job function change
  • For Lithuania work permit holders, career transitions must often be accompanied by permission from the Migration Department to allow changing employers or job functions. This is an official procedure that needs to be completed by the employer.

For EU citizens

  • EU citizens do not need to obtain a Lithuania work visa before coming to the country. However, individuals planning to stay in Lithuania for more than three months may need to obtain a Lithuania work permit for EU nationals.

Aware of the unique nature of every immigration journey, our dedicated team of immigration lawyers carefully assesses each process. Tailoring our approach to the specific details of your employee's relocation, we determine whether a Lithuania work visa, a particular type of Lithuania work permit or an alternative immigration option is the ideal solution for a smooth and personalised transition.

Lithuania boasts a highly efficient online system, MIGRIS, for submitting applications. Not only does the platform provide a quick and convenient way to complete applications but also offers the assurance that your submission won't get lost. It's a testament to the country's commitment to providing a streamlined and reliable service for applicants that are moving to Lithuania.

Our team will accompany visits to local governmental authorities


To make relocation to Lithuania as seamless as possible, PIRGROUP team has prepared some information about the country for you and your employees


Diverse housing landscape, combining traditional architecture with modern urban developments

Moving to Lithuania means discovering a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity in its residential landscape, reflecting the nation's historical, cultural and economic heritage. Traditional Lithuanian architecture characterised by wooden structures and steeply pitched roofs dot the countryside, offering a window into the nation's rural history.

In urban centres such as Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, modern apartment complexes blend seamlessly with historical buildings, creating a vibrant urban mosaic. Soviet-era apartment blocks, while gradually giving way to contemporary developments, are poignant reminders of Lithuania's recent past.

Relocation to Lithuania requires patience, diligence and a keen understanding of personal priorities. Vilnius, the capital, has a range of neighbourhoods, from the medieval charm of the Old Town to the sleek skyscrapers of the business district. 

Relocation to Lithuania reveals a housing market rich in diversity, where the past meets the present to offer a spectrum of living experiences tailored to individual aspirations and lifestyles.

We invite you to take a captivating glimpse into Lithuania's rich architectural history, spanning different eras. Home page -

Our team will advise and explain areas in the city
Our team will provide information on City and local amenities


Multilingual consultations, accessible public and private services, tailored care for English speakers

We prioritise clients’ wellbeing, and we want to ensure you’re aware of the healthcare support available to you. Here are things you should know before moving to Lithuania.

Lithuanian is the official language used at medical establishments in Lithuania, but, depending on the doctor's qualifications, consultations may also be available in English, Russian and Polish.

Younger doctors at both public and private healthcare facilities are more likely to speak English. When registering at a clinic or booking an appointment, it's a good idea to ask the receptionist about the availability of doctors who speak your preferred language.

Lithuania has both public and private healthcare facilities, and all individuals, regardless of their insurance status, have access to both. However, uninsured persons are required to pay for the healthcare services provided by both private and public healthcare facilities.

Private healthcare providers operate under licenses issued by the Ministry of Health and charge for their services. Individuals moving to Lithuania may find private healthcare facilities particularly accommodating if English is their preferred language for medical consultations and services. You can start the search for private healthcare providers prior to your relocation to Lithuania here: Lietuvos Medicina - medicinos įstaigos, vaistai, ligos, žemėlapiai


Diverse educational system, offering relocating families an environment rich in internationalism, multilingualism and cultural diversity

Prepare for moving to Lithuania by getting to know its educational system. Known for its rich history and vibrant culture, Lithuania attracts families from around the world with its dynamic higher education landscape. With nine international schools catering to globally mobile students, relocating families will find a welcoming environment that prioritises internationalism, multilingualism and cultural diversity. Some schools – four of them in Vilnius – even offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate programme, ensuring a rigorous and globally recognised education.

Lithuania's cities boast universities and colleges that are steeped in academic excellence and cultural exchange. Vilnius University is a testament to the country's tradition of higher education, dating back to 1579. Its historical halls have educated generations of thinkers, scientists and leaders, embodying a legacy of scholarship and intellectual inquiry.

From the ancient cobbled streets of Vilnius to the bustling corridors of Kaunas, Lithuania's universities offer a rich tapestry of academic experiences. When families embark on their educational journey in Lithuania, they become part of a vibrant community united by a shared passion for learning, discovery and growth. 

Relocation to Lithuania opens doors to a world of opportunity, where tradition blends with innovation and heritage embraces modernity.


Diverse public transport system, from eco-friendly trolleybuses to sleek taxis

Lithuanian transport in all its quirky, charming glory. From scooters to trains to bicycles, the journey is as memorable as the destination, making it an exciting adventure for those considering relocation to Lithuania. So, buckle up, hold on tight and get ready for the ride of a lifetime after moving to Lithuania.

It’s important to know that only electronic tickets are available in Vilnius. The e-ticket or so-called “Vilniečio kortelė” is charged with an amount of choice and/or the selected public transport tickets. With a valid ticket loaded in the card and properly activated on board, it’s possible to change the public transport for free and for an unlimited number of journeys. 

If staying in Vilnius for a short time, you can buy a one-day or three-day ticket. You can buy and top up a Vilniečio kortelė at any location marked with the Vilniečio kortelė sign.

Additionally, you can install the Traffi or m.Ticket app on your phone. Trafi is the main platform for public transport and more. m.Ticket has the same functionality, so it’s up to you, which one you choose. 

This all-in-one app will give you live traffic and public transport updates and info, helping you choose the fastest way to reach your destination every time. From public transport, car sharing via the integrated City Bee and Spark services and bike sharing to taxis, Trafi covers everything, and you can even use it to buy tickets for public transport.
Find all public transport timetables and routes here: Routes and Timetables (