Get ready for moving to Latvia with PIRGROUP! Allow us to assist you in discovering this beautiful country. Find your ideal home with us and dive into a life rich with culture and endless opportunities.


PIRGROUP will guide you through the Immigration system in Latvia, offering you the best solution tailored to your needs:

Short-term visa

For those third country nationals who come to Latvia for a business meeting purpose, short-term visa is a perfect option.

Latvia work visa

In case if you intend to work in the country, you will need to obtain Latvia work permit. Opting for a Latvia work visa is the appropriate choice if your work engagement in the country is anticipated to be within the one-year timeframe. In case if you are planning to relocate your employees Latvia work visa might also be an option.

Temporary residence permit

Latvia work visa is not the only option to work in the country. An alternative route to obtain a Latvia work permit is through the temporary residence permit for work. This particular type of Latvia work permit is for individuals planning to engage in long-term work commitments in Latvia, providing a flexible and comprehensive solution for those seeking an extended stay.

Permanent residence permit

Following a continuous period of 5 years, you have the opportunity to acquire a permanent residence permit in Latvia. Individuals with a permanent residence permit not only gain the privilege of residing permanently in Latvia but also automatically qualify for a Latvia work permit. This additional benefit further enhances the flexibility and opportunities available to those who choose to make Latvia their permanent home.

For EU citizens

Please note that we refer to Latvia work permit, as it is a most commonly used terminology for a permission to work. When planning your relocation to Latvia, you need to keep in mind that Latvia does not issue separate work permits, instead right to work is obtained together with supporting immigration document.

IMPORTANT! Every Immigration process is assessed individually. Based on the details of your employee relocation our Immigration lawyers will determine whether your employee needs a Latvia work visa, a type of Latvia work permit or a different Immigration option.

For more information regarding immigration options and relocation to Latvia, please visit Latvian Migration office website.



Our consultants will accompany you to Migration office to Ensure a smooth migration process with PIRGROUP by your side


Let your employees enjoy process of Moving to Latvia. It can be smooth and exciting if you know what to expect.

Our team has prepared some tips for your relocation to Latvia and we will always be happy to share our knowledge and advice when needed.


Finding home

Affordable housing, rich architecture, diverse natural landscapes

Relocation to Latvia – It’s a wonderful choice! The county has affordable housing that meets all needs and budgets.

Riga, the heart of Latvia, is a treasure trove for art and architecture enthusiasts. The city boasts beautiful historical buildings that are like living museums. With high ceilings, grand windows, and a palpable sense of history, some apartments feel like stepping into the past. Yet, for those who appreciate modern design, new buildings with latest designs are constantly emerging. You can truly experience a blend of history and modernity in a city!

For those who appreciate natures beauty, Latvia is a dream come true. While Riga center is just a 25 minute drive away, nature lovers can indulge in the serenity of the seaside and explore hiking trails that wind through enchanting woods, crossing rivers and lakes. Whiles we may not have towering mountains, we offer a variety of picturesque landscapes for those who are moving to Latvia.

Enjoy the city views with our consultants showing you around Riga


Easy commuting, convenient cycling and parking

When you are moving to Latvia is good to get familiar with information on transportation, traffic and parking. We have exciting news to share!

Commuting within Riga is a breeze! Regardless of your location in the city, you can reach the center in 15 minutes and in a peak hours 45 minutes. Did somebody complained about a traffic in Riga ? They must be joking!!!

We all want to live in a clean, fresh air and Riga does too! Cycling is getting more and more popular during the warmer months of the year. However, during the winter great transport infrastructure, including busses, train and trams will get you anywhere and anytime of the year!

While parking in cities can be a challenge, Riga provides numerous parking lots within a short distance, making it a manageable aspect of urban living.

Looking to indulge your taste buds or explore iconic landmarks? Riga’s international airport, conveniently located just 15 minutes away from the city center, opens up a world of possibilities. Fancy Italian pasta for the weekend or a spontaneous trip to the Eiffel Tower? Just hop on a short and affordable flight, and you can experience the charm of other European countries.



Diverse international school and university options

Here is another reason why moving to Latvia is a great choice. In Riga, we are proud to have a rich selection of international schools, boasting the highest number in the Baltic region – six in total! This exceeds the options available in Tallinn or Vilnius. Notably, we have three schools offering International Baccalaureate, a British school, and options for French and German education, providing you with a variety of choices.

When planning your relocation to Latvia, we recommend contacting and visiting schools to find the best fit for your family. We are more than happy to accompany you and assist in checking availability as soon as your moving to Latvia plans are confirmed.

All our international schools prioritize accommodating professionals throughout the study year, understanding the unique needs and priorities of business professionals like yourself.

For families considering a longer stay, enrolling children in local schools or kindergarten with Latvian language programs is also an option. While children tend to adapt quickly, some assistance during the transition period can be beneficial.

Moreover, Riga is home to universities offering various programs in English. Swedish School of Economic and Turiba are being most popular among youngsters.

To make your children relocation is as seamless as possible, our team will advise you on education options in Riga

Health Care

Ensure your well-being in Latvia

We Prioritize the well-being, and we want to ensure you are aware of the healthcare support available to you. Here are things you should know before moving to Latvia.

Employees employed under Latvian labor laws are eligible for state – covered medical services. Our local experts posses extensive knowledge and are dedicated to the well- being of each patient. While English language proficiency may pose a challenge in some cases, our team can provide valuable assistance in navigating and registering with healthcare system in Latvia.

Understanding that language can be a factor in seeking medical help, we want to highlight the presence of numerous private clinics proficient in English. These clinics offer a convenient and efficient way to access medical services, ensuring you receive the care you need without language barriers. PIRGROUP team will make sure you have all needed information and support in visiting medical facilities on your relocation to Latvia.