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Immigration to the Netherlands?

You need us!

PIR Group BV is the best Global Mobility partner you can get in the Netherlands. 
We are lean and responsive, able to adjust our services and actions in real time.
We already have in place the required processes to avoid inefficiencies. We are used to high standards of quality and reporting requirements

  • More than 20 years of experience PIRGROUP growth and expansion in the last 20 years, together with its clients in terms of volumes, as well as new destinations, has helped us to develop the required skills to be agile.
  • Our team and internal culture is our asset!
    Because we want our expats to feel at home, we have staff from all over the world. Spain, Russia, Scotland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Brazil are all present in our team.
  • Flexible
    We have a proven record of meetings the requirements of direct clients and RMCs to act quick and make sure that the immigration and relocation requirements are met while meetings the time schedules and professionals’ duties of the relocating assignees.



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PIR Group BV, your Global Mobility partner for immigration

PIRGROUP’s immigration team covers all aspects of the process in-house, for example:

  • compliance checks
  • all visa, residence and work permit applications
  • family immigration assistance
  • and more….